Who are you? (Sonic edition)

Hello! Welcome to another one of my awesome quizes! This time you can discover who actually are within the sonic the hedgehog world! This took a long time to make!

I hope you get the character you wanted! If at any point you do enjoy please comment and let me know how I could improve! How I hope you enjoy my wonderful quiz

Created by: Finley
  1. If you saw a Murderer trying to kill somebody, what would you do?
  2. You are rich! What would you buy?
  3. A brand new movie came out! But you can't watch because the tickets are out of sale! What would you do
  4. You are stuck on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean! How you escape?
  5. If you were surrounded by bosses, what would you do?
  6. You like roblox but fortnite is more popular, what would you do to fortnites creator?
  7. You keep losing the sonic the hedgehog final boss, what would you do?
  8. What is better?
  9. You Sing in front of a large audience. They all hate you, what to do next!
  10. You watch Mario sing. He does wonderfully, what to do?

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Quiz topic: Who am I? (Sonic edition)