Who are you in the sleepybois inc universe?

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Find out what member of the Sleepy Bois Inc you are! ten easy questions. Wont take long. First quiz, please judge. Pog! Love you all, drink water!!!!!!

People you can get:Wilbur Soot, Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, Technoblade, Philza Minecraft, Fundy, Niki Niachu. Yeah... Poggers. Thanks for doing my quiz! :)

Created by: Cress
  1. You come to a large pit. Your friends are on one side, family on the other, strangers in the middle, and pets to the side. You can only save one.
  2. You revive a mysterious text message saying: "I see you" what do you reply?
  3. You can only meet one person. Who do you meet?
  4. You are stuck on a deserted island. What do you bring
  5. You have to take somebody's canon lives on the Dream SMP. Who?
  6. comfort streamer?
  7. Favorite book/movie?
  8. Who is your celebrity crush?
  9. Who is most deserving of a refrigerator.
  10. How do you spend most of your time

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Quiz topic: Who am I in the sleepybois inc universe?