Who are you in Arcana Familia?

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Arcana Famiglia is the new series out in anime. If you have watched it before, im sure you have chose a character in which is your true idol and you would like to be that person.

Well this test can see whether or not you know the characters that well and see if you can get the result of your dream idol. If you know your idol well enough, you might get them as a result!

Created by: Theresa
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What would you rather do?
  2. Who would you marry if you were a boy?
  3. Who would you marry if you were a girl?
  4. When you are fighting, what weapon would you use?
  5. When your parents suddenly make a shocking announcement, do you get angry, sad, or annoyed?
  6. Which industry would you rather join?
  7. If you were heir to the throne, would you take such reputation?
  8. What color would you like your hair to be?
  9. You are in a mafia and Papa is hosting a b-day party, what would you rather wear?
  10. Who would you have wanted to be in the first place?

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Quiz topic: Who am I in Arcana Familia?