Which WoF tribe are you? (Phyrria)

Important infos:- Try be as honest as possible- I TRIED TO MAKE ORIGINAL QUESTIONS. I DID MY BEST FOR IT OKAY :)- feedback would be great thanks- really hope u enjoy it - sorry for the possible mistakes, I'm french, not english ENJOYYY

Also, I am currently writing and drawing a whole new world with dragon riders riding the WoF dragons. The only similar thing to WoF book would be the dragon tribes (they are so goodd thoo!!). After I'm inventing the other parts

Created by: Oasis12
  1. What's your favorite color? (don't kill me pls)
  2. What colors are your eye (YOU and not as dragon)?
  3. Your good friend is dumpt by her bf/his gf. You...
  4. Among all these food choices, which one fits u best?
  5. Quick check up, so far, I have spent around 1 hour to do this (I TRY to ask revelant questions)... What do you think of it? (Ur answer will COUNT)
  6. Which elements do you like most?
  7. Which species do you like most?
  8. Specifying about the species thing... Which of the following animals do you prefer?
  9. Which tribe do you prefer?
  10. Which names do u like most (sorry, I tried to make it the least obvious possible...)?
  11. You are assigned in a group work (the group doesn't necessarily have dragons of ur tribe). What is your reaction?
  12. You are assigned in a group work (the group doesn't necessarily have dragons of ur tribe). How do you start to work?
  13. What activities do u prefer?
  14. Favorite weather?
  15. Which is your favorite season?
  16. How do you feel about your family?
  17. Which combat technique do u prefer?
  18. From ur opinion, defines you?
  19. Where would you live as a person/dragon (= not totally as a person in our world but not totally a dragon in phyrria world)?I know it's kind of obvious but I tried to make the answers hard with a background story or something
  20. I don't have any questions in mind. I hope u enjoyed this quiz as it was my first one. I tried to make the answers as original as possible. GIVE FEEDBACK PLS!! Bye!!

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Quiz topic: Which WoF tribe am I? (Phyrria)