Which Winx are you?

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This quiz is about the Winx Club franchise developed in Italy, the Winx have different personalities and hobbies, see who you are if you were a fairy at Alfea.

Choose the answer corresponding to your personality and instincts, and if the Winx knew about this quiz, they’d definitely suggest that you follow the rules.

Created by: Pamela lui

  1. What colour do you prefer?
  2. Which hobby do you prefer?
  3. What would you do if a villain captured your sister?
  4. A witch hunts down your classmate disguised, but you know, what would you do?
  5. Which boy would you notice first?
  6. Which subject do you enjoy?
  7. Which planet do you prefer to be from?
  8. Why are you vulnerably sensitive?
  9. How old are you spiritually?
  10. What would be your power?

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Quiz topic: Which Winx am I?