Which Wings of Fire OC is your Crush? (For girls) Part Three

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Hello! I am AstridTheSkywing! Welcome to my quiz! Here at Astrid Inc. we create Wof Content for ALL Ages! Have fun answering these silly questions. We/I love you Astroids!💞💕

Astrid Inc. Was founded in June 8 2021 by an unknown creater only known to Family and friends, This world Is based on a sieries called Wings Of Fire by: Tui T sutherland.

Created by: AstridTheSkywing
  1. "DIAMOND BACK!" You scream, trying to get Current to stop. What Do You Do?
  2. Suddenly, you see Current pause, in the water. What is he doing? He's bringing her back up. Why do you think Currents bringing her back up?
  3. "GASP!" Diamondback says as she swims toward land. "YOU KILLED MY FATHER!" Current screams at her. "WHY! WE WERE HAPPY TOGETHER!" "Were you happy though? Don't you have a rough family like I do?" DiamondBack asks. What do you think is happening?
  4. Current paused, letting Diamond back breathe. "You care so much about your beloved father." She spit out those words like they hurt to say. "Uh-h." Current stammered. "That's what i thought." Diamond said before running out of the lake. What do you do now?
  5. -If you choose Go after DiamondBack- "WAIT!" You yell after Diamond back chasing her through the halls. "What do you want!" She stops so suddenly you bump into her. What Do You Want To Say To Her?
  6. -If you choose ask Current- Even though Diamond Back left Current still stood in the water ankle deep. After a little while you ask. "What was that about?" "Sigh," Ripple sighs. "You problobly should know, Well. I reconize her from the scorpian den, and uhm. That dragon i reconized her from killed my father. But I still don't know why? We were at the scorpian den to buy a talon-made gift for my cousins hatching day." "Oh." You say, startled.Why do you think Diamond back killed Current's father?
  7. -If you choose Go tell a teacher- You dash through the hallways to the teachers qaurters, where here you find Sunny grading dragonets papers."THERE'S WAS A FIGHT IN ONE OF THE UDERGROUND RIVERS!" You scream running into the room. "NOBODY HURTS MY STUDENTS!" Sunny screams running to the WRONG underground cave. "SUNNY WAIT!" You call to her, but she's gone and can't hear you. What should you do?
  8. -ALL ANSWERS END UP HERE- BANG CLANG CABOOM! The Jade Mountain Bell rings. "NOOOOO! IM GOING TO BE LATE!" You yell running to a club. What club do you go to?
  9. -ALL THE CLUBS ARE TOGETHER! YOU CHOOSE THEM ALL, I DECLARE IT!- You go into the all club room. Who do you chat with?
  10. THE END OF PART THREE! Please comment on how you liked our quiz! also go to my profile to answer my poll to rate my Quiz! TYSM FOR PLAYING! (These do NOT effect your score)

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Quiz topic: Which Wings of Fire OC is my Crush? (For girls) Part Three