Which teenage mutant ninja turtle are you?

There are 4 ninja turtles.A ninja turtle is a true hero and also knows how to have fun.But what are the TMNT gang?They are 4 extraordinary turtles who will do anything to protect each other and New York City which they call home.

Have you ever wondered what kind of ninja true are you?Which one you truley are?Well why wait and wonder!?Instead of getting online and looking up which one favors you most just take it from me and my quiz to find that out in 12 quick questions.

Created by: RachelRich

  1. How serious are you?
  2. Are you calm or love to party?
  3. Which weapon do you prefer?
  4. What's your goal in life?
  5. DO YOU LIKE PIZZA?? No effect
  6. Which is your favorite turtle?
  7. Are you smart OR NAW!!!
  8. Someone attacks your friend 😱 what do you do!?
  9. Just a random question this has no effect but do you even like this show?
  10. Which do you prefer? Fighting,having fun,learning,or helping?

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Quiz topic: Which teenage mutant ninja turtle am I?