Which superpower should have you?

Which superpower should you have? Well, try to help you out with this quiz. Maybe Psychkinesis or laser beams? Try yourself this quiz and see yourself what awaits.

Do you want to see for yourself which superpower best fits you? Try this quiz, a few answers and, see yourself what awaits. Can it be ice powers or supersonic waves? See yourself what awairts you in this quiz.

Created by: Joseph
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. How girly are you?
  2. Have you good grades at school?
  3. How do you react if someone hits you accidentally
  4. How often do you shop?
  5. Do you like excercise
  6. Ever been on a race?
  7. Do you like giving orders?
  8. A professor asks something you don't know. You
  9. Do you like music?
  10. Do you sing or act?
  11. Ever played with dolls?

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