Which precious gemstone are you?

This quiz determines what gemstone you are. Gemstones are made to replenish your body and soul and give hope to those who fear they have none or nothing left.

Which gemstone are you? That is the question of the day. Take this quiz to find out how you help your friends throughout their everyday struggles. Thank you!!

Created by: Kelsey
  1. Would you rather be granted 3 wishes of your choice 10 years from today or be granted 1 wish today?
  2. Are you a pessimist or an optimist?
  3. Do you prefer cats or dogs?
  4. Have you ever been deeply in love?
  5. Do you prefer to cook or order take out?
  6. Would you prefer to live in an urban area or a rural area?
  7. Would you rather be the most popular kid in school or the smartest kid in school?
  8. Would you rather travel back to the past or the future?
  9. Summer or Winter?
  10. Autumn or spring?
  11. Day or night?
  12. Do you prefer a quiet night at home or going out to a big party?
  13. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  14. Are you clean or messy?
  15. Would you rather be poor or ugly?

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Quiz topic: Which precious gemstone am I?