Which percy jackson character is for you? (FOR GIRLS ONLY!)

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If you don't like the characters Jason, Percy, Nico, and luke you shouldn't do this quiz and I chose them because they are strong characters and hero´s and I don't care if some of their girlfriends get mad.(yeah I think luke was a hero so get over it). P.S.(I ship nico and reyna, and Percy luke, and annabeth and piper together).(And I don't give a care if you don't ship them and I made a character and her name is april and she is a daughter of cupid and her boyfriend is jason).

I tested myself and I am the twin of percy my story is that I loved luke, But luke didn't loved me. He loved my BROTHER!!! But my Brother never loved him as far I know and annabeth hates me and jason and the seven have been weird around me so is my best friends nico and leo but than I found out why Luke was back....

Created by: jasmine

  1. Me: Who is your favorite god???
  2. Me: Annabeth!!! Annabeth: *Talking with Piper* Me: ANNABETH!!!! Annabeth: *turns around* Hey Alyanna!Me: Hey, want to ask a question Annabeth: Chose a weapon!
  3. Me: Hazel!!! Hazel: *listening to music and dancing around* Me: Hazel!!, HAZEL!!! Hazel: Yeah, Oh a question what's favorite animal?
  4. Me: Next!!! Piper: *comes in Normally smiling and happy* Can I ask one? Me: Sure Pipes!! Piper: what kind of boy do you like? Me: Good one pipes!
  5. Me: Next!!! April: Hi, Water girl!!! Me: Hey, Want to ask a question? April: Yay! Me: Go ahead! April: Greek or Roman!?
  6. Me: Who's Next? Reyna: Hey, Alyana!!! Me: Hey, Reyna hows Nico? Reyna: Good, but can I ask a question? Me: Sure!!! Reyna: Favorite color?
  7. Me: Boys turn now. Leo: Can I go next Water girl? Me: Hey go ahead. Leo: Chose you favorite girl!
  8. Me: Who's Next? Percy: *Comes over and tackles Me* Me: Agh, PERCY!!! Percy: Hey, sis!!! Me: Hey, brother want to answer a question? Percy: Sure, Sis Percy: Where would like to go on a date? Me: Good one, bro!!!
  9. Me: LUKE!!! Luke: *Sword fighting with music on* Me: LUKE!!! Luke: *Turns and sees Alyanna and smiles* How's my little princess doing Me: *Blushing* STOP it luke and ask a question!!! Luke: Ok, How are your actions?
  10. Me: last one. Jason: Can I go? Me: Sure Jas. Jason: What do you like to do?

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