Which Oricorio are you?

Do you like Oricorio? And have you always wanted to know on which of them you look like the most? Well, than this is the perfect quiz for you! Find out which Oricorio you are.

This quiz is about on which Oricorio you look like the most. Are you the Baile style? Or the Pom-Pom style? The Sensu style? Or maybe the Pa'u style? This is the time to find out!

Created by: Gergoli

  1. Which of these colors is your favorite?
  2. Which of these countries is your favorite?
  3. Which of these dances do you like the most?
  4. Which of these personalities suits you best?
  5. Which of these is your favorite Pokémon-type?
  6. Which other of these personalities suits you best?
  7. In which of these landscapes would you prefer to live in?
  8. On which Alolan island would you prefer to live in?
  9. Which of these sports do you like the most?
  10. How would you attack an opponent?
  11. For the last time, which personality suits you best?
  12. Which of these types do you dislike the most?

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Quiz topic: Which Oricorio am I?