Which Marauder Are You?

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which sexy r u lol they’re making me make this very ling idk why I’m confused HELP hejsidisjdb need to fill up space i just wanted to make marauders quiz leave me alone go to quiz b----

hey it’s paragraph two not sure why they’re making me write two but I still have nothing to sag.... anyway hood you got whoever you expected to get and all of our hyperbalyzing worked out

Created by: emmy

  1. okay first things first. which do you most desire to be?
  2. what kind of relationship do you think you’d genuinely thrive in not just on wattpad :)
  3. fun one :) what is your family dynamic like!
  4. do you consider yourself
  5. do you feel you’re better at....
  6. your relationship with school?
  7. okay now for some simple questions to wrap it up .. are you more
  8. what color feels the most like you? not because of your favorite color or your hogwarts house or anything, just which do you feel like is probably associated with you the most or which feels the most familiar. basically your aura
  9. which word do you like the best. simply which one do you look at and feel drawn to.
  10. okay, fine. what is your house
  11. whats your fav animal? (no im not doing their animagus forms that’s too easy.)
  12. okay last question. what’s ur favorite disney movie
  13. okay actual last question. is sharpays fabulous adventure a good movie

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Quiz topic: Which Marauder am I?