Which Magic Misfit Are YOU???

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Wellcome other players it's me your bro Qiblirocks! Hope you enjoy this fun quiz to see which character you are from Magic Misfits! Also for those who have read this series this is based on the 1st book kay?


Created by: Qiblirocks

  1. Which power sounds best?
  2. Which of these sounds like your problem?
  3. Who do you want to be?
  4. Who would you most want to stop?
  5. Would you want to join the Magic Misfits?
  6. Review: What is the difference in the sentences below? The Magic Misfits are AWESOME!!!!The Magic Misfits are AWESOME!!!
  7. Do you believe in magic?
  8. Question for if you read the Magic Misfits if not tap I dunnoWhat is the name of the main bad guy in book 1?
  9. Are you a book reader?
  10. Review: Who has levitation powers?NO CHEATING BY SCROLLING UP AND LOOKING!!!!!
  11. Did you enjoy?

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Quiz topic: Which Magic Misfit am I???