which leader are you?

hey warrior cat lovers! time for a quiz see which warrior cat leader you are are you Leafstar? Sunstar? Tigerstar? Cookedstar? Heaterstar? find out in this fun quiz!

it is time for the gran warrior cat leader quiz are you willing to die for your clan? do you have kits? you will be asked questions and be given answers now start!

Created by: Featherstar

  1. what do you do if someone's kin dies?
  2. what do you do if a clan wants war?
  3. you have kits and a group of foxes attacks what do you do?
  4. what would you name your kits?
  5. what is your top priority?
  6. which name do you like the most?
  7. do you even read warrior cats?
  8. are you a girl or a boy?
  9. what clan are you from?
  10. am I awesome?

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Quiz topic: Which leader am I?