Which HTTYD: race to the edge dragon are you?

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Are you a how to train your dragon fan? Do you enjoy the show “race to the edge”? Would you like to see what dragon you would be? Then this quiz is for you!

Just a few dragon types, sorry I couldn’t add more. WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURTE!!! (Will add slitherwing, sentinel, caverncrasher, Buffalord, snow wraith, grim gnasher, razorwhip and others

Created by: Niko de pro

  1. Which color would you be if you were a dragon
  2. Who is your favorite dragon rider?
  3. What fire would you have
  4. How many friends do you have
  5. What would people describe you as
  6. How old are you (would you be)
  7. What’s 2 + 2
  8. Where would you hang out the most
  9. If you were a dragon, What would you eat
  10. Would you listen to your rider!

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Quiz topic: Which HTTYD: race to the edge dragon am I?