which harry potter house are you in?

which house in harry potter are you in? gryffindor, hufflepuff, slytherin or ravenclaw?

find out your TRUE house!

Created by: abby

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  1. you go to the mall, and get these awesome bandages, when a toddler steals from you! what do you do?
  2. a close friends hurts your feelings... You?
  3. you get a howler from your parents saying you haven't eaten your vegetables.. You?
  4. you run into dumbledore in the hallway.. what do you say?
  5. your so excited for hogsmaede this weekend, but since you failed your potions quiz, snape is making you stay behind. what do you do?
  6. what do you think of dumbledore?
  7. a guy who smells like oranges comes up to you and smacks you when you try to defend yourself he spits on your shoes what do you do next?
  8. what's you favorite color? (out of these)
  9. its time yule ball! who do go with?
  10. and lastly who do like best in harry potter and his "crew"?

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Quiz topic: Which harry potter house am I in?