which Harry Potter character are you

my quiz might be wrong and please don't get affended if it is!this Harry Potter quiz is about which Harry Potter character are you.There are six characters you can be.

which Harry Potter character are you? are you one of your favourites or mabey you'r least favourite,oh and by the way this is a quiz NOT REAL LIFE! check out this to see which Harry Potter character are you

Created by: katie
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  1. if your friend is hungry do you give them your last slice of pizza
  2. you'r room mate wakes up and has had a bad nightmare what do you do
  3. your friend cheated on a Hogwarts exam do you
  4. you'r least favorite teacher has gone missing on hallowwen night and professor Dumbledore tell everyone to go back to there comman room unless they want to help do you
  5. one of you'r teacher's has trusted you and told you that there a warewolf and told you to keep it a secret do you
  6. you'r best friend has kept a secret from you for years and when they tell you do you
  7. you see someone trying to steal something from the headmasters office do you
  8. eveyone is enjoying the great feast and all the lights suddenly go out and everyone is screaming do you
  9. someone you know has lost one of there most special things and is crying really loudly.Do you
  10. which animal would you have

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