Which Half-Blood Are You: My own characters!

In this quiz, you find out what next-generation half-blood you are. Btw, these characters are completely made-up and are not featured in the Percy Jackson books (by Rick Riordin)

Apparently I fill in this paragraph so Ima spam: csudfhgvbpwbecgvlsiucnhp eg9bvpcnshw[qgb0 egbvufosicnhfbqg egvybpewq3tyq[3y rivgsv twhq3bynbvwcxdtghysjd

Created by: We1rd0_Gurl
  1. Hello!
  2. Which of the Big Three's daughter would you rather be?
  3. What two words would describe you?
  4. Favourite colour? (Worst question, sorry ;'(
  5. Favourite drawing style?
  6. Favourite Percy Jackson character?
  7. How weird are you?
  8. How normal are you?
  9. Gay/les, bi or straight?
  10. Final question: Favourite god?

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Quiz topic: Which Half-Blood am I: My own characters!