which greek god or goddess are you

Do you wonder what greek god or goddess you are most like well now you can.

Created by: Ty

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. what do you prefer?
  2. do you find it hard sometimes not to laugh when someone dies.
  3. if you had a test coming up would you study
  4. do you hate people who are different.
  5. did you like killing bugs as a kid
  6. do you like thunder storms
  7. what is your element
  8. do you find yourself sending messages
  9. what is your favorite school subject
  10. do you play with fire
  11. do you like oatmeal
  12. are you stubborn
  13. do you tend to take charge
  14. dose the thought of your death bother you
  15. do you like plants
  16. do you like art
  17. do you have lots of pride
  18. do you like animals

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Quiz topic: Which greek god or goddess am I