Which footballer are you?

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Here is this quiz for Football Fans! (Soccer) The point of this quiz is testing you to see which Footballer you seem like the most. Will you get a World class player or Maybe a Weak Player find out now!

The point of this quiz is not to make fun of you for your results or target you this is meant for fun so please do not take this quiz seriously. If you have any questions for this quiz please comment or reach me out. Please have fun with this quiz. Also if you want more quizzes please reach me out too and share this with your friends or anyone. I have to make this 150 words so dont mind these random letters, siksk isndfns sjjfkfsnsfcjkbska jszbsbss jsjsc

Created by: Marin Vasily grushke

  1. Do you show off any time?
  2. Would you say you are good at Football?
  3. Would you rather score a penalty or score a free kick?
  4. Do you think your better than anyone?
  5. Do you dive in Football?
  6. How many misses did you do in your life?
  7. What is your favorite club?
  8. How old do you want to be when you retire?
  9. Who is your Idol?
  10. Final question! If you were an animal, which one will you be?

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Quiz topic: Which footballer am I?