Which Feral Boy Are You?? (MCYT)

hey this is to just see for fun not supposed to be that accurate so just have fun and if there are errors lmk! oml i need more words quirky eeeeeeeeee :)

also if you want to be friends you can add my discord- catmaidkae # 9267 or my snap- kates.fries bro i need like 100 words so hey drink water swag money cash

Created by: katelyn

  1. how tall are you?
  2. how many different types of laughs do you have?
  3. how old are you?
  4. favourite pet?
  5. favourite game genre?
  6. how would you describe yourself with friends?
  7. favourite colour?
  8. who’s lore do you keep up with most?
  9. how much sleep do you get every night?
  10. have u read/ wrote a wattpad fanfic for a feral boy?

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Quiz topic: Which Feral Boy am I?? (MCYT)