which fan-made book series are you in?

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ello bois! welcome to yet another quiz! this is trying to see which one of my book series you fit the most! there are many options to get! sorry i always have ten questions!

hm...theres wolves, dogs, cats, wyverns, dragons, and creatures. idk what to say about dis just take it i guess? tell me if ya like it i guess so...yeah.

Created by: victory the budgie

  1. what animal sounds best to you?
  2. what book series is your fav?
  3. what is your best trait?
  4. now, your WORST trait
  5. if you were in a book series, would you kill?
  6. pick your death....
  7. now for something happier! what power would you want?
  8. bah! how much do you HATE autocorrect? (wont effect score)
  9. what is your fav animal?
  10. last of all, what answer sounds best to ya?

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Quiz topic: Which fan-made book series am I in?