Which Evil Villain Are You?

Today's world is quite a nice place to be. Social progressiveness, in many cases, blends with traditional kindness and generosity in a pleasant combination. In the United States, moreso than other places, citizens are free to pursue their own ideas of happiness within a reasonable legal limit enforced by a sincere government.

Did you find all of the blatant lies in that last paragraph? There were six; nothing that was stated was at all true. But, this is the common sentiment among Americans. How pitiful. I know YOU know better, young evildoer! Whether your goal is to crush the unwashed masses beneath your iron boot heel, or to free them from the social brainwashing of the Machine at the expense of their lives, to inflict your delusions of glory on them, or simply to make a living through criminal means, any of these aspirations set you at a vastly higher level of consciousness than the stock moron. There's no question in that. But here's a query: which of the greatest evil villains of humanity do you take after? Why, this quick quiz will let you know!

Created by: E Lunatic
  1. Which weapon, of these, are you most likely to attack people with?
  2. Of these, which weapon would you most likely attempt to destroy a building with?
  3. What are your minions like?
  4. What is your ultimate goal?
  5. How would you kill an important person for maximum dramatic effect?
  6. Do you have any sort of anthropomorphic physique?
  7. Would you rather have...
  8. Have you ever been involved with the Spanish Inquisition?
  9. Do you have any friends who, when injured, experience facial backwardsness, but are not permanently harmed?
  10. Do you ever cohort with Mexican banditos, bizarro kung-fu masters, pizzeria owners, necromancers, time scientists, Russian mafiosos, or James Bond-esque henchmen?
  11. Does the colour of your skin sharply contrast that of your clothing?
  12. Do you enjoy indulging in booze?
  13. Are you an evil villain?
  14. What's your evil laugh sound like?
  15. What's your evil headquarters like?
  16. Who would you rather rip to shreds?
  17. Scenario: You have just left an office building. What are you most likely carrying?

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Quiz topic: Which Evil Villain am I?