Which Element are You?

This quiz will see which element you are! You could get Water, Fire, Galaxy, Nature, and Wind! Pleas have fun and enjoy, and remember it's just a quiz!

Please rate and comment, and tell me what your score is! If you didn't like your score, tell me so I can fix it! I really want you to enjoy, so have fun! Bye!

Created by: ElsaFrozen2

  1. What's your eye color?
  2. What's your favorite animal? Choose from below.
  3. What's your favorite fruit? Choose from below
  4. What's your favorite weather?
  5. Moon or Sun?
  6. Llamas or sheep?
  7. Boy or Girl?
  8. Which color describes you best?
  9. Do you value patience?
  10. Which Hogwarts House are you in?
  11. How would you describe yourself?
  12. Last question, did you like this quiz? (Doesn't affect score)

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Quiz topic: Which Element am I?