Which Demon Slayer Character are You?

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Hello, my fellow Demon Slay fans. I was bored and I made a Demon Slayer test. Find out which character you are by answering these few questions. : DDDD

Don't mind me, I'm Just gonna "hgsjkgcbwhyg chjdbgchwgdjhsjb cjbcjhwgcyufcuygiu hckwcig dcucwcbh wdcucuvcwuvcv bwvuygug viwehcigduw khfdiygciwigcu ygdkkk hiuuh"

Created by: Katie

  1. Let's start off like episode 1. You spend the night at a villager's house. You come home to find your family slaughtered, except for your sister, who is still breathing. What is your first reaction?
  2. While Running you fall off a cliff and a young man (a Demon Slayer) sees your sister is now a demon. He snatches her from you and tries to kill her. What do you do?
  3. You are the Demon Slayer trying to kill the girl. Her Sibling (You before) gets hurt. She gets away from you to protect her sibling. You see that she is not like the other demons. What do you do?
  4. An elderly man takes you and your sister in. Your sister sleeps for two whole years. Are you -
  5. You meet and desperate 16-year-old boy begging a young girl to marry him. She is telling him to go away and that she is already engaged. How do you intervene?
  6. You and the boy meet a pretty boy wearing a boar mask in a house. Your first thoughts on him are -
  7. The next 2 questions aren't really related to Demon Slayer, but they do count. What is your favorite color?
  8. What is your favorite animal?
  9. Okay. Which Demon Slayer character reminds you of your Best friend.
  10. Last one: Are you excited for Demon Slayer Season 2?!

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