Which Cupcake Diaries Girl are You?

In case you don't know, the cupcake diaries is a series of books about four girls who started a cupcake business. So that you have and idea of who you'll be getting, there is: Emma: Blonde, Model, Baker, Sister of for brothers, tries to earn money, BFF of Alexis Katie: Baker, Brown hair, loves cupcakes the most, BFF of Mia, mom and dad divorced, loves rainbow and sprinkles Alexis: BFF of Emma, really into business, red hair, likes school Mia: Black hair, very artistic and fashionable, BFF of Katie, likes shopping, mom and dad divorced, meets her dad every other weekend

I hope you will like this quiz. For the most accurate results, answer honestly. Please like, comment, and rate! Thank you for taking this quiz! I hop you enjoy it!

Created by: Adora Hostetler

  1. Your favorite color is:
  2. You spend your free time:
  3. True or false: School is terrible.
  4. You choose:
  5. You choose:
  6. You are obsessed with:
  7. Your hair is:
  8. Your hair is:
  9. Your favorite girl name of these is:
  10. Your favorite boy name of these is:

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Quiz topic: Which Cupcake Diaries Girl am I?

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