which crystal gem or human are you

this is the steven universe quiz which character are youdont feel down if you get a bad score or gem just take the test again and this may not be accurate but i tried my best

please be honest and by the way this was made by charlie hilvert from stage 2/3 dale 2020 gosford campus anyone can takeit but im counting on YOU, roisin to take it first

Created by: charlie hilvert

  1. who is your favourite character in steven universe
  2. what is your favourite gemstone
  3. are you
  4. are you taking this seriously?
  5. do you like
  6. what do like doing with friends
  7. how far would you go to save someone's life
  8. do you ever play the blame game and say someone else did something horrible that you actually did and would you take the blame for other people's mistakes
  9. would you hurt others to save yourself in a life or death situation
  10. have you ever had a crush?

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Quiz topic: Which crystal gem or human am I