Which Character From the Land of Stories are you?

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Hi!!! Our names are Fifi & O and we made a super awesome quiz on Gotoquiz.com. Find out which character from The Land of Stories you are in this awesome quiz.

If you take this quiz right now, then you will find out if you are Queen Red Riding Hood of the Red Riding Hood Kingdom, Goldilocks, Alex Bailey, Conner Bailey, Bree Campbell, Froggy, or Jack.

Created by: Fifi & O

  1. What sex are you?
  2. What is your hair like?
  3. What would you be doing in your spare time?
  4. If your friends had to pick 3 words that describe you, what would they pick?
  5. Someone is attacking you and your friends. What do you do?
  6. How do you usually dress?
  7. What pet do you want?
  8. If somebody dropped some papers how would you react?
  9. How much do you care about your looks?
  10. If you had a genie, what would you wish for?

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Quiz topic: Which Character From the Land of Stories am I?