Which Canterbury Pilgrim Are YOU?

The Canterbury Tales, a classic read that is enjoyable and entertaining. Would you believe me if I said you could be compared to one? Probably not since it is based on the past.

Do you enjoy the night life? Fine wine and fine meals? What do others say about you? The Canterbury characters enjoyed the same past times as you. Take this quiz and find out, which canterbury pilgrim are you.

Created by: Trisha

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  1. Which activity would fill your soul?
  2. When you walk into a room do you feel all eyes are you?
  3. Is it more important to have many friends or a few close friends?
  4. Do you enjoy outdoor activities?
  5. Do you attend mass regularly?
  6. Do you belive in the finer things in life?
  7. Do you enjoy theatre?
  8. Is it bragging if it is true?
  9. Is Picasso a painter or singer?
  10. Is Education Important?

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Quiz topic: Which Canterbury Pilgrim am I?