Which Beanie Boo are you?!

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Welcome this is the Beanie boos quiz you are here to answer a number of questions (actually 10 questions) to find out which beanie boo you are! (I am not a professional quiz creator relax!)

When your results are shown the beanie boo you are will say something about themself and there birthday and what they think of you ( all I can think of is food yum)

Created by: Sooly kitty

  1. What Is the best color below in your opinion?
  2. Which would you most rather eat?
  3. What would you describe your self as?
  4. What’s your age?
  5. When is your birthday?
  6. Which animal would you rather be?
  7. What hair color do you wish you have
  8. Which year do you think is best
  9. Which is the best sport?
  10. What would you rather do in free time

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Quiz topic: Which Beanie Boo am I?!