When it comes to love, what animal are you?

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When it comes to dating and courtship what type of animal are you? This fun quiz will let you know which animal you most closely resemble. You might be surprised by your results. Or even more surprised by your mate's results!

Animal behavioral research scientist and WILD CONNECTION author, Dr. Jennifer Verdolin, helps you discover what animal you resemble when it comes to love.

Created by: Jennifer Verdolin

  1. What is your idea of a perfect beach vacation?
  2. How many pairs of underwear do you pack for a 3 day weekend trip?
  3. Monogamy is:
  4. What is your favorite spice or herb?
  5. What is your ideal date?
  6. Your friend tells you they had a one-night stand. What is your reaction?
  7. If you were at a restaurant and someone at the table next to you ordered a meal that looked more appetizing, what would you do?
  8. How can you be sure that special someone likes you back?
  9. What is your ideal way of communicating with your romantic partner?
  10. How interesting do you find this topic?

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Quiz topic: When it comes to love, what animal am I?