what wolf rank are you?

Hello this quiz is based off of one of my favorite youtubers aphmau she uploads amazing content and series. a few of them are about werewolves and other about random things like dragons and etc.

her content is very family friendly and fun to watch so it would mean a lot if you could go and subscribe to her! thank you aphmau for giving this idea to me!

Created by: kiro

  1. what is your favorite thing to help out on
  2. your friend thats in the same group as you is slacking while the teachers away you...
  3. if you die famous you would want to be know as..?
  4. in your free time you...
  5. you come across a injured baby wolf you...
  6. THESE NEXT TWO QUESTION WILL NOT COUNT AS A SCORE what is your favorite color [if not one of these is your favorite color click none and the next one will be more]
  7. Part 2 of the last one click none of these if you already chose one
  8. witch one do you want the most this won't effect your score
  9. are you okay with me asking random questions? none of them will effect your score
  10. what's your favorite animal
  11. day or night
  12. moon or stars
  13. warm or cold

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Quiz topic: What wolf rank am I?