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Hi guys this quiz will tell you what wolf you are. I hope you like this quiz. I’m super excited for you good luck. Also id you read this paragraph on the question where

I ask you if you know this is the first time I have done this quiz say no because it’s nice even though this is the first time I have made a quiz. Good luck!!!

Created by: Glow

  1. What’s your favourite colour
  2. If your pack got attacked would you
  3. If a pup got stolen from the pack would you
  4. Your a pup and your family got attacked and the alpha decided to adopt you
  5. A fairy comes to you at night and offers to give you something what would you ask for
  6. A dragon kills your wolf pack so you
  7. Okay enough of the wolf stuff on a Friday night do you
  8. Back to the wolf stuff. If you could have a wolf name what would it be
  9. your coat pattern be
  10. Your eye colour would be
  11. A wolf you have crush on asks you on a date
  12. Chose a elemental power for your wolf
  13. Do you like the quiz so far?
  14. You have the choice to be
  15. Wolves to you are
  16. What accessory would your wolf have
  17. Do you want another quiz?
  18. Did you know this is the first quiz I made?
  19. Okay are you ready for your results?
  20. Okay pic a emoji good luck

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