What wings of fire hybrid are you

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This quiz has wings of fire breed names in it with some from Pantala and Pyrrhia. I really hope you enjoy my quiz.If you don’t like wings of fire do not do this quiz. I really love sundew and I hope you save your results.

Please do more of my quizzes by searching wings of fire in the search bar at the bottom. Hope you like your results. Now think of what breeds you like and start.

Created by: Sundew117

  1. What wings of fire hybrid would you like to be?
  2. Out of these options which one are you most like
  3. What dragonet of destiny do you like the most
  4. Do you want to get married
  5. Are you enjoying this quiz
  6. What super power do you want
  7. Who’s your favourite queen of Pyrrhia
  8. Do you like Queen wasp
  9. What ship do you like
  10. Do think the quiz is over now
  11. One more question. Do you like wings of fire

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Quiz topic: What wings of fire hybrid am I