What Weapon Would You Have?

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This quiz will tell you which weapon you would have if you were suddenly forced to go to war in another world. Every Result (Other Than Magic) exists.

If you Don't know how it works, well ask someone else because I am not going to sit here and tell you how to use each one of the results, that's cheating.

Created by: Calima Hernam

  1. Your Results from How Would You Rank In An Army
  2. How Many Friends Do You Have
  3. Where is Your Dream Vacation?
  4. What Is Your Favorite Color
  5. What Do You Do In Your Free Time?
  6. What Kind Of Weapon Are You Hoping For?
  7. Who Would You Pick To Be On Your Soccer Team?
  8. What Is The First Thing You Would Do With A Substitute Teacher?
  9. What Is Your Favorite Animal
  10. What Is Your Dream Job

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