what type of person will you merry?

have you ever wondered what type of person you will merry? well find out here! be sure to tell me what you got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!dtl,idtykykykykykykykykykxdkvg;uszkiprk

be sure to tell me in the comments. (I have nothing else to put sorry) (do not read the rest) fidaih'gdeagh/AEursdrjrukrukfyuldrisdykifjxfxryjnxcxfrkf

Created by: horselover226
  1. what is your personality type?
  2. what do you do for fun?
  3. are you popular?
  4. do you like science?
  5. do you wear makeup?
  6. do you wear baggy jeans?
  7. what gender do you prefer to date?
  8. do you like to drink?
  9. what is your favorite animal?
  10. do you wear ear buds, headphones, or ear pods?
  11. thank you for taking my quiz!

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Quiz topic: What type of person will I merry?