what type of elemental wolf are you

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hello, now I've made a wolf quiz, there is a roleplay part there, and the questions part too, this quiz is created by ricelthericegirl, you guys already know, pls read the rules, and enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here are the rules, rule 1: be honest(like for your personality) rule 2: comment if I made mistakes on the quiz. rule 3: comment your results. rule 4: always rate after taking the quiz. rule 5: like if you like it. rule 6: enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: ricelthericegirl

  1. what is your fav color
  2. where do you want to live in (a question which is mostly asked)
  3. describe yaself
  4. if someone bullies you, what you gonna do.
  5. now it's a wolf roleplay, now ya ready?
  6. you were walking in the forest, then you saw a hunter trying to shoot you, so you...
  7. then you meet a wolf named William
  8. William invites you to his pack
  9. you suddenly see a gem that belonged to the pack
  10. you touched the gem, then you can't see anything, then you became stronger
  11. me: hi, what's your name? you: my name is _______, what's yours? me: my name is Rice, nice to meet you _______. you: nice to meet you to Rice. now in this situation, what's your name?
  12. *oof* that's all bye!

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Quiz topic: What type of elemental wolf am I