What TBF Character Are You?

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This is a quiz for "Which TBF Character Are You?" In honor of my novel The Black Fog. You can get multiple characters, such as, Tyrone, Lily, Leaf, Lia, Grant, Yuki, Ruby, Rose, Victoria, and Hanako

Be happy with your result and don't @ me. My friend already did @ me about it and I am pretty mad lmao DONT @ ME. Your result might be dumb and stupid lmao

Created by: Fara Hovi

  1. Who Is Your Favorite TBF Character?
  2. If You Saw A Dog Stranded, What would you do?
  3. If Someone Was Leaving The Group, What Would You Do?
  4. What Weapon Would You Use?
  5. Who Would You Protect If There Were a Zombie Apocalypse?
  6. Who Would You Wish To Be?
  7. If Someone Got Injured, What Would You Do?
  8. If Someone Got Bitten, What Would You Do?
  9. If Someone Was Having A Child, What Would You Do?
  10. Did You Enjoy?

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Quiz topic: What TBF Character am I?