What song should you listen to based on your kpop biases?

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Hey, so I decided to make a quiz because I am bored out of my mind right now. I don't know if anyone will even come across my quiz, but hey! If you do, then good for you :)

All of the results of this to quiz are songs that I really enjoy, and I thought they were worth sharing. So go ahead and find which one suits you the best!

Created by: Hankoe

  1. Hi! Before we get started, how are you today? (this has no effect)
  2. Who is your bias in Blackpink?
  3. Who is your BTS bias?
  4. NCT bias? (only eight answer choices are allowed so, um, choose a unit I guess)
  5. Itzy bias?
  6. Stray Kids?
  7. How bout Monsta X? (yes, Wonho counts)
  8. Mamamoo?
  9. GOT7?
  10. How about Day6?
  11. Favorite solo artist?
  12. Pick a group that I left out:
  13. Not related at all, but is cereal soup??!
  14. Not a question, but goodbye! Enjoy them results I cooked up for you~

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Quiz topic: What song should I listen to based on my kpop biases?