What's You're Ninja Name?

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... Have fun with the quiz... I have nothing to say, except good luck and I hope you get the name that is right for you.

Are you training in martial arts or simply hope to be a ninja one day? You're going to need a good name... Later!

Created by: maxx

  1. If you went to a sleep over and someone started a pillow fight! You...
  2. What's you're fave color?..
  3. You went to the mall, what would you do?..
  4. What's you're fave ice cream?..
  5. Fave wepon *can spell wepon*
  6. Fave thing to say...
  7. Do you have many friends?..
  8. Pick a number!..
  9. I'm going to give you a poem what's the word?*short vertion* I love you... And you love me to, and I hate to say it wait no I don't so turn around and kiss you're?.. What do you think?
  10. Last one... What's my name! Just kitting... Do you like the name emma.

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