what percent do you know about animals?

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i got bored and desired to make a quiz so i made one and that is what this is.i am just trying to fill some space so i will put m mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

i really hope you dont skip over it i worked really hard on this thing and its really cool or at least to me it is.i am trying to fill up space so i will put mmmmmmmm

Created by: Elizabeth goldberg

  1. ( ) can catch human colds and other illnesses
  2. a newborn( ) is so small it can be almost held in the palm of your hands.
  3. ostriches can run faster than ( )
  4. a lion in the usually makes no more than ( ) kills a year
  5. the female lion does ( ) percent of the hunting
  6. the worlds smallest dog was a ( )
  7. ( )( )( )( )( )( ) will drown if they are underwater for to long
  8. ( ) have no gall bladders
  9. there is an average of ( ) spiders per acre in green areas
  10. a male song bird sings ( ) times a day
  11. a tarantula can live for ( ) yeras without food
  12. the average fox weighs ( ) pounds
  13. the scientific name for a red fox is ( )
  14. alligators can live up to( ) years
  15. elephant teeth way ( )pounds
  16. a housefly hums in the key of ( )
  17. a small amount of ( ) on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death.
  18. ants never ( )
  19. ants dont have ( )
  20. a grasshopper can leap ( ) times its body length
  21. there is a butterfly in africa with enough poison to kill 6( )
  22. a cat has ( ) muscles in its ear
  23. a woodpecker can peek ( ) times per second
  24. the great horned owl has no sense of ( )
  25. a gardener caterpillar has ( ) muscles in its head

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Quiz topic: What percent do I know about animals?