What once upon a time character are you

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This is a quiz to see which once upon a time character you are and for all the fans have fun this took a lot of time trust me but it was worth it #fansforever

IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE SHOW SPOILER ALERTS we are here to spread hope so do it use the three Ls love learn live we are all family connected by someone so love

Created by: Ouatfan

  1. What is color looks best on you???
  2. How evil are you
  3. Do you have magic
  4. Who’s your favorite
  5. Which would you be Mom or dad or none
  6. Which would you have son or daughter or none
  7. How old is Henry?
  8. Who killed gram and were the proud of it?
  9. What is you favriote type of song
  10. Who’s character do you want

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Quiz topic: What once upon a time character am I