What next generation WoF dragonet are you?

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Hello! This quiz is a WoF next gen quiz. this means it determines who you are out of the youngest dragonets at Book 15. These dragonets are from all sorts of different tribes and backgrounds!

Please only take this test if you read Wings of Fire. This test is determined by seemingly pointless questions which you might find tied to certain tribes. None of the art here is done by me, and I give credit to the artists who designed it!

Created by: OrbWeaverTheHiveWing
  1. What school group are you in?
  2. What is your least favorite chore?
  3. What is your favorite colour?
  4. What is your least favorite type of food out of these?
  5. Who is your fav Wof character out of these
  6. Which of these ships are your fav?
  7. Have you read warrior cats?
  8. If so, who out of these are ur favs?
  9. Ok Ok I'll stop sorry. Select a line
  10. What tribe do you like best?

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Quiz topic: What next generation WoF dragonet am I?