what main power rangers color are you ?

whats a power ranger you ask ? look it up and you will see but here is a quick summary. a fantasy hero possibly from the future or past that has been chosen to be power ranger.

do you have what it takes to be a hero do you have what it takes to be a power ranger and what color ? this quiz will find out your color.quick note this is just my opinion on what color you would be.

Created by: alphonse

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  1. what would you do if you saw someone in a car that is falling off a bridge ?
  2. would you fight the enemy or defend your friends in a battle ?
  3. an enemy fires a blast at you . How do you react?
  4. what do you do if an enemy fires at a young child that doesn,t notice ?
  5. fight or defend ?
  6. take a break or defend the world ?
  7. train or sleep ?
  8. destroy or trap the enemy?
  9. hide from the main boss enemy or reveal yourself and fight them ?
  10. tell everyone in school your a ranger or keep the secret ?

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Quiz topic: What main power rangers color am I ?