What kind of person are you?

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This quiz will try to reveal what kind of person you truly are. If your result doesn't match, I will apologize for that. You can always retry this quiz to help find a better result.

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Created by: Dante Chavez
  1. First off, what do you like to do on your spare time?
  2. What job would you like to have?
  3. Which superpower would you choose for yourself?
  4. How would describe an annoying person?
  5. What is your ideal vacation?
  6. What's your hobby/interest?
  7. Would you rather be a hero or a villain, and why?
  8. Which of the following things would you like to control?
  9. Which word defines you?
  10. Finally, what matters to you the most?

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?