What kind of person are you?

There are alot of mean people out there in the world, Are you one of them? I doubt it! But if you want to find out FOR SURE, then just finish reading these paragraphs!

Are you mean? Are you nice? Are you decent? Find out in this test i created just for your peronality! To find out your answers, take the test! Have a good day!

Created by: Jessie

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  1. If you had a fight with a friend, you would...
  2. If you had an enemy at school or at work, you would...
  3. If a friend lied to you, you would...
  4. If you wanted to tell a friend that you want to stop being their friend, you would...
  5. If you were talking to your friend on the computer, what would you say if they said "i have to go"
  6. If you see a stranger that smiles to you, you....
  7. If someone yells at you when you did something accidently, you would...
  8. Do you like animals?
  9. What do you do when your grumpy?
  10. What do you want people to think of you?
  11. Someone says something bad about you, What do you do?
  12. What would you do if a classmate stole something or yours and you know they did it?
  13. What would you do if the phone is ringing?
  14. Two more questions, what do you think?
  15. What would you do if your guardian yelled at you because you did something wrong?
  16. Last Question!! If your guardian asks you to do something, you would...

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Quiz topic: What kind of person am I?