What is your personality? Get the truth here! (Girls only!)

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A troubling question for several ladies: what is my personality? There really are more than these four options, but these options are the base, meaning your personality can differ, but these are really what makes your personality start.

Your personality is based on your actions and activeness in this quiz, but there are many more ways to figure it out. This is just a shortcut that lets us see your base personality. And this theme for the quiz calms so that you can answer truthfully. So go ahead, dive into these questions, then dive into your personality!

Created by: PersonalityGenius

  1. Okay, do you like many colors combined or one color just by itself?
  2. Fast, slow, or other? (If other, what type of other?)
  3. Are you sitting still, wiggling a little, moving a lot, or sort of twitching?
  4. Which do you prefer; jumping, sitting, wiggling, or are you undecided?
  5. Which emoji shows what you'd rather do?
  6. Jump!!
  7. Okay. You're at a dance party. Whattya do?
  8. Sit as still as you can for one minute. Now what do you feel like doing?
  9. Are you organized?
  10. Last question, bye!

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Quiz topic: What is my personality? Get the truth here! (Girls only!)