What hogwarts house are you ?!?!? Idk its for you to find o

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Idk what to write so here is a line from Harry Potter: Harry : is this real or is it just all in my head ? Dumbledore: of course it is in your head Harry but why should that mean it is not real .

I use to like Draco now I like Fred weasly but I can’t shift and I tried everything but it won’t work so here is my phone number +17573599902 :) idk what to write sorry

Created by: Taylor Clemons
  1. Winter or summer or fall or spring
  2. Do you like to read?
  3. Who would you date ?
  4. Are you happy?
  5. Cats or dogs?
  6. Ice cream or cake ?
  7. Mom or dad
  8. Soft blanket or big comforter
  9. Do you want to go to hogwarts
  10. Netflix or Hulu

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Quiz topic: What hogwarts house am I ?!?!? Idk its for you to find o