what flip flop are you most like?

This is telling about how you are a flip flop...yea i'm telling you that you are a shoe, DUH! so just take this quiz...i'm just gonna type blah till I get many characters! blah bluck take my quiz or you will turn into a shoe

are YOU a shoe? doi! a duhh! a choo! excuse me this quiz is educational and inspirational(not really) it is fun and awesome. Because flip flops are awesome. and they are my favorite shoe! so please become a shoe today! apply within

Created by: so and so

  1. Do you have a lot of friends who aren't that good, or a not so many friends who are near and dear to you?
  2. do you have many friends?
  3. Do you like to talk?
  4. what clothing stores do you like?
  5. do you like shoes?
  6. do you like to draw????
  7. no you play an instrument?
  8. how are your grades?
  9. Why are you taking this quiz?
  10. Which answer will get you on to the next question?

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Quiz topic: What flip flop am I most like?