What eevee evolution are you

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This quiz will decide what eevee evolution you are. simply answer the questions to see what eevee evolution you are. Thanks for doing my quiz. Again, thanks.

Pokemon lovers- this one is for you. a common question asked is what eevee evolution am I? Well that can be answered by just taking this ten- fifteen minute quiz!

Created by: douglas
  1. You are being captured. you
  2. your forest is being cut down. you
  3. People are polluting the ocean. what do you do
  4. your planet is being destroyed, you
  5. global warming is affecting your habitat you
  6. the world runs out of electricity, you
  7. Your psychic powers are fading, you
  8. The sun is gone for the whole day, you
  9. you realize you are lost, you
  10. how do you like this quiz, you

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Quiz topic: What eevee evolution am I